How to order

How to order

You want to order on this website, but you don't know how?
Please read carefully this post if you want to make sure to not make any mistake with your order.
If you have any question, if you are not sure to well understand some points, feel free to contact us at:● (replace ● by @)

We will illustrate this tutorial with an example:

'I would like to order Books in A5 size, 44 pages, with Color cover and inside pages in Black and White, for 50 copies!'
(44 pages means 4 pages of Cover + 40 pages of Body)

First of all, go to the 'Books' menu (without clicking).
5 columns will appear (4 different types of books and options):

Each 'Set' corresponds with one type of book.

■ MARU SET : books with a Color Cover, Black and White Body.

■ MOMO SET : books with Color Cover and Color Body.

■ KURO SET : books with Black and White Cover, Black and White Body.

■ TORA SET : books with Color Cover, Black and White Body, with an integrated option (Cold Foil) on the Cover.

In our case, we want a book with a Full Color Cover and Body pages in Black and White. We will go with 'MARU SET'.

In Maru Set menu, you can choose amongst 3 Sizes: A5, B5 (Japanese) or A4. We want A5 for our example.
You can now click on 'Maru Set A5 12p-100p 10pcs-150pcs'.

In the product page description, you can see the specifications of the books for Maru Set, and you can choose the paper type you want for the cover or for the body.

By default (if you don't choose any modification), your book will get a Superior White paper 180kg for the cover and body pages printed on Superior White 90kg.

However, if you want to change the paper type:

Click on the 'Product Customization' tab above the specifications.

You have to fill those text areas. And don't forget to click on the 'Save' button.

In the case you would have forgotten to write for those modifications, you can still do it via email, or during your order:

Now, you have to choose the page number (44 pages for this example) and the quantity (50 copies)!

Always in the product description, you can check on the Price tables, according to your page number and quantity,with the total price and unit price for each case. On this table, you can check if you did the right choice about the quantity you want, as prices are decreasing gradually.

We want a 44 pages book (green rectangle) and 50 copies (Red frame).

If you are ok with the price, you can now order, choosing well the page number and quantity. Then, 'Add to cart' button.

Your order is completed, in the case you don't need any more options for your books.

After completing this order, please back to the product page, and at the bottom you will find a link 'Template download'. In this link, you will find instructions to prepare your printing files.

In the case you would like to add options for your books, click on 'Continue Shopping'.

In the Product Descriptions, you will find the available options for your books.
We will take a closer look to the option 'Hot Stamping', that will add a golden logo or pattern on your cover.

You can choose directly the size of your Hot Stamping surface (3.15''x5.12'' here), and be sure to choose the same quantity than for your books!

Hope this tutorial will be useful for you!

Product successfully added to the product comparison!